Musings of a Clergy Child: THE BOOK

I have exciting news. This summer, I will be compiling and writing a book, coming to a reasonable priced Christian book-store near you sometimeΒ in September 2017. Based around this blog, it will be published by the Bible Reading Fellowship and entitled Musings of a Clergy Child. This is an incredibly exciting opportunity, and I’m greatly […]

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Background Noise

There is a certain noisiness to life. Externally, a cacophony of sounds assault you from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to sleep. A gentle hum or a deafening roar, it is never ending. Internally, it can be deafening at times. The loudness of your head, thoughts falling over one another, […]

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To an Absent Friend

As many of you know, every Christmas we open up our home to those who would otherwise spend the day on their own. This means that we can have a very eclectic bunch of people around the table, mostly different every year. There are, however, a few who have almost become part of the furniture, […]

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At the feet of Jesus

I’ve always been scared of my pain. It seems unladylike, unnecessary, and inconvenient. It gets in the way of getting things done, of being a ‘functional adult’, and often, it also seems to get in the way of my faith. I will bring my carefully thought out theological questions to God, approaching politely and quietly, […]

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Coming Home

I can’t remember the last time I was here. In the silence, the stillness, the waiting. Taking time to sit and be. Be still. To remind myself of what is important and what is like snow, melting away before I can fully grasp it. I come, tentatively. So many weeks it has been since I […]

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Boiled Sweets

It was a normal Sunday, by all accounts. Sometime in 2011. The 6pm service at church. ‘During the last hymn the offering will be taken. If you are a visitor at this church, please do not feel under any obligation to give. This is very much for our church family. Anything given will be used […]

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